Failed hedge funds, insider trading and “Swiss bank accounts.”  Embezzlement, love affairs and maybe a little murder… Your money’s safer under the mattress than in this bank.

Combining live performers, digital puzzles and environmental challenges, Small Time Criminals is a fully immersive real world simulation.  Play as a team of master thieves pulling one last big heist or super sleuth your way through the files and evidence to uncover who the real criminals are.

An entire two-storey building to explore.
Crack safes, avoid the laser trip wires, hack computers.
Dodge the guard.  Steal everything.  Don’t get caught.

A great game for the family to play together.
A terrific adventure for you and your friends.

Small Time Criminals is a Real World Simulation where you choose how to play.  Interact with real people.  Solve problems using your wits and the environment around you.  Discover all the stories and tell your own.

Small Time Criminals will be located in a two storey ex-bank in Preston, opening to the public in mid April, funded by our generous Pozible campaign on Pozible.

With special thanks to Darebin City Council and The Active Spaces In Darebin program.

Small Time Criminals logo by Sian Bennet