Getting from Prague to Cesky Krumlov

Maybe you're reading this at home whilst doing a little research for your next holiday or perhaps you're on a crowded tube or bus just wishing to be somewhere else, anywhere else. Well, the good news is that this post is all about exploring one of our favourite places in the world, the Czech Republic! Any time of year is a wonderful time to visit and if you want to maximise your holiday then you're going to love finding out how easy it is to get from Prague to Cesky Krumlov! Two cities in one visit.
Czechia, or the Czech Republic, is one of the most amazing places on the planet and no matter how long you visit for, you're bound to leave with lifelong memories. Do you love history and culture? Did you know that a total of 12 places in the Czech Republic have been included in the World Heritage list? That's more than TWICE the world average!
Most people who visit the Czech Republic will usually plan a visit to Prague, and why wouldn't you?! It's incredibly beautiful and historic, there's little wonder why it's the country's most visited city. But why plan your visit to only Prague when there's so many incredibly beautiful places all of which possess a rich, dynamic, and complex history.
I've written previously about how much I loved exploring the South Bohemia region of Czechia and in particular the charming town of Ceske Budejovice, but there's one thing you absolutely need to do and that's make plans to head from Prague to Cesky Krumlov! Castle Tower
There’s no missing the Castle Tower in Cesky Krumlov, standing at almost 55 metres tall, this ornate six-tiered rounded tower dominates the skyline and its beautifully coloured facade captivates the attention of starry-eyed visitors. Not to mention, Instagrammers-aplenty. Did I Instagram it? You better believe it!
Did you know that Castle Tower was built in two time periods which meant that it has two distinct architectural styles? The lower portion of the tower was constructed in the 13th century in a Gothic style (which generally indicates taller structures, vaulted ceilings, and pointed arches), whilst the upper portion of the tower was constructed about 100 years later in the Renaissance style (best known for symmetry, simplicity, and a love of geometric shapes like circles and triangles)
It’s interesting to note that the below Castle Tower is the Little Castle, the oldest part of Cesky Krumlov Castle which dates back to the 13th century. It was towards the 16th century that the tower was built and the glorious murals adorned its exterior walls. The murals were restored during the mid-1990’s, and as a recent visitor I’m really glad the work took place because it really added to the overall experience. And here’s one more fun fact; located at the top of Tower is a series of 4 bells and the biggest and most heavy dates back to 1406!
If you’re after a birds-eye view of Cesky Krumlov then climbing the 162 steps to the top Castle Tower is the way to go! The opening hours range change over summer and winter but the earliest it will open is 9am and closes between 4pm/5pm and at 6pm during summer.